FIEA provides many resources that can be easily accessed for more information about teaching and being a student in a global environment. We offer services and resources to help travelers and international scholars prepare themselves for travel and correspondence. We also offer tailored, specific services for students and educators for trips, certifications, and academic help. These services are personalized to individual educational and travel needs. The FIEA has experts across the globe available to quickly and efficiently answer questions and solve problems. We have dedicated staff with many years of experience in teaching, education, and administration to help with every aspect of the education experience.


  • Personalized editing for essays and advice/mentorship in classes
  • Quick and efficient answers about student rights and options
  • Mediation and advice on classroom issues
  • Skill-training in courses, confidence, public speaking, and succeeding in all levels of school


  • Information about cultural differences
  • Important information about eating, transportation, housing, and living in China and the US
  • Information about travel and visa processes